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Jacobs University allows remote connections to internal IT services from anywhere, using VPN Access.

The system employed for the last ~10 years has gotten old, slow, and broken. A new system is up and running and has been used successfully by early adoptors. The new solution gives a wider range of supported devices and operating systems, is much simpler to install and use, and connections are much faster. The time is right to make the transition to the new system!

Please remove the old "Cisco VPN Client for ASA 3000 concentrators", if you have it installed. Also, remove Jacobs University vpn configurations of built-in operating system features.

Please install the new "Cisco AnyConnect VPN client" instead. Installation for various operating systems and mobile devices is described at VPN Access, including links to installation videos at YouTube, and web vpn access.

The previous system will be shutdown in June 2013, or when it finally breaks down, whichever comes first.