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A user of Jacobs University reported to have gotten a call from "Microsoft Support Mainz", with a (Berlin) telephone number of +49 30 13883xxx. The caller, which might be just a computer voice, tries to sell obscure and un-asked services for reportedly €17.50 or €18.87 while lying about facts.

This of course is bogus. Microsoft Support is not in Mainz, not with a Berlin phone number, you have not called them before, nor will you want to pay money for a "service" not asked for. Actually only purchasing dep. is allowed to enter legal contracts for Jacobs University, so even if you wanted a paid outside service, you'll need to go through a purchase request.

Obviously, do not take that offer. Reject it and hang up.

Update 06.03.2013 (2)

We have our telephony provider blocking that incoming number. That of course does not safe against the scammer using a different one.

Apparently, having the telephony provider block the number is not as easy as one would think. Stay vigilant!

Update 11.09.2013

This scam starts again. Stay vigilant, hang up, don't buy anything.

Update 07.10.2013 and following

And again. Stay vigilant, hang up, don't buy anything.

This time, the telephone number is +49 157 33250xxx.

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  1. There are various variations and escalations of that scheme: