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Disk faults in central storage system

After loosing two disks in the past 8 weeks already, a third disk in a RAID5 instance failed this evening, with a fourth disk showing temporary errors, too. Ususally this is no big deal, as there are plenty - in this case two - spare disks, which take over automatically. Faulted disks are replaced under a warranty contract ususally during 4-8 hours. Unfortunately the shelf the disks reside in is not under warranty anymore, and a support extension for the whole storage system is obviously too expensive. Currently I am waiting for replacements for the two failed drives, but the discussion on having an expensive support contract or just to replace the drives case-by-case, and then getting quotes on either alternatives and then getting the PR through and then having the order placed has taken too long.

There is a disruption of certain services provided, to which extend I cannot oversee at the moment.

At the moment IRC-IT is trying to salvage data from the particular array to a different storage group in the central storage system, which will take several hours. If data is lost, recovery from backup has to be performed, which can start Monday earliest.

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  1. and some of this work was done on the weekend - so thanks for that!!