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Block B of Mercator College has been equipped with WLAN! "eduroam" is the endorsed way for authentication. For further access details, see WiFi/WLAN Access.

This is a pilot installation which we will gather feedback on during the fall 2013 semester. If all works out well, we plan to roll out this setup to all other colleges next year and would also like to use to further enhance coverage across campus.

Happy surfin'!

This graphics shows the measured coverage on the ground floor:


  1. Torge - the plans still has IUB on it .. 

    1. Changed, thanks.

  2. you are putting them on the outside walls ? I thought you wanted them closer to the hallway ?

    1. Nope, on the inside walls. We wanted (and still want) them in the hallway, but where are no cables, there are no access points.