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This semester has seen a WLAN pilot installed in Mercator College Block B. Based on a survey after a few months of operation, the installation has been received favorably by the residents. Hence, we will roll out the WLAN installation to all of the colleges, in all areas.

The new access points have been ordered already, but will only arrive in January 2014, which will make installation before the next semester challenging. We will try to install them as soon as possible, but scheduling with our residents is necessary for the installation and will take some time.

Survey Results

Thanks to all participating students for your feedback and shaping the future of Jacobs University! Here are aggregated results from the survey:

  • We received 37 completed responses from 55 respondents asked, that's a participation rate of ~67%.
  • The question "How is your overall usage experience with the WLAN installation in Mercator College Block B, regarding reliability, availability, and speed of the connection?" had three answer options: "Great", picked by 18 respondents, "Okay", picked by 19 respondents, and "Bad", picked by noone.
  • The question "Do you recommend to make the current pilot installation in Mercator Block B permanent and rollout the same installation to the rest of the colleges, and the campus?" had two answer options: "Yes", picked by 35 respondents, and "No", picked by 2 respondents.

Particular Feedback Given, and Anwers

  • "it is great!",  "WLAN works great in my room" Thanks for the encouragement (smile)
  • "please make it permanent and extend it", "I feel that the project be [...] cover the whole school", "This is a very good project and I would recommend continuing with it." Will do (smile) It is actually planned to deploy the same installation at the rest of the campus later in 2014.
  • "It would be really convenient to have internet access all of the time, even if you decide to work outside." We included outdoor access point in the current device order and will experiment especially with providing WLAN to Campus Green, in front of the Campus Center, at Lürssen Plaza, and to the Sports Field.
  • "WLAN in QSA should be improved badly", "router in the servery has a weird issue", "in the study lounge [...] it is horrible" WLAN in these areas was not part of the WLAN pilot installation. These areas will be covered by the upcoming rollout, though.
  • "really slow when I use it on PC [...] but [...] great on iphone", "eduroam is not always working as good as jacobs", "connection gets lost often", "WLAN is good for the most part, however [...] high traffic periods [...] it's extremely slow", "sometimes slow" We are currently looking into this, and would like further feedback - can you, who gave these anwers, please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff, if possible until Thursday this week? Thanks!