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The teamwork system needs to be updated to the current software version. Therefore,

teamwork will not be available during several intervals between Monday, Dec 21, and Wednesday, Dec 23, on each day between 8 am and 4 pm.

The new software version will bring many improvements and new features. A first impression can be found at

The licensing model of some plugins has changed from free to commercial. As we will not buy these plugins, some functionality will vanish with the update as well.

The full list of changes, including explanations and videos, is available at:

teamwork update finished 2015-12-21, 12:30 pm

The update to the current version of confluence is finished.

Please note several cosmetic changes:

  • URLs have changed: there is no :8443 port number in the URL any more, as well as we got rid of "/confluence" in the URL. Old URLs are still valid and working, they are redirected automatically to the correct page.
  • some plugins are not available any more, for instance the "Linking" plugins used for more flexible insertion of links - due to changed license model.