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We are currently in the process of migrating the mail server to new hardware and a newer version (from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016).

Therefore you will experience a new look when you log on to OWA (Outlook Web Access / ).


The log in window will look as follows:


As long as your mailbox is not moved to the new mail server, it will look the same as it has for the last years, after successful log on.


If your Mailbox was moved it will look as follows:



There will be no changes for mailclients (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) as all addresses for Pop3, Imap, etc. stay the same ( NOTE the update below!

With Outlook you may receive a pop up which indicates that there were changes made for your account from Please accept these changes by clicking Allow.


Updates to the current state of the migration as of 2017-02-17

The changes didn't work as well as planned (or documented). We are sorry for the inconvenience, delay, and confusion.

On Wednesday evening due to a misconfiguration emails to non-Jacobs email addresses were not being delivered, that was fixed on the same evening, all stuck emails were then sent out immediately.

On Thursday late afternoon, a different "undocumented delayed feature" led to emails to non-Jacobs email addresses not being delivered again, that also was fixed on the same evening, all stuck emails were then sent out immediately.

Some email clients unfortunately do need a reconfiguration to work properly again: if the client uses an Exchange connection to the Exchange server (instead of IMAP/POP/SMTP), and the PC running the client is not member of the JACOBS domain, then the username used for authentication to the server needs to be prepended by "jacobs\" (i.e., would read "jacobs\campusnetusername"). Also, the username needs to be in all lowercase letters. This does not affect IMAP/POP/SMTP or OWA login, only Exchange connections in clients (aka EWS). The documentation at Jacobs Email has been amended accordingly.

Thunderbird clients may see "error 12" errors. These will go away during the next days after we will have done further migration work, or you can contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff to have this fixed for you immediately, or you can set the parameter "mail.server.default.send_client_info" to disabled. The error itself does not have any effect on sending or retrieving emails.

Sorry again for the inconvenience this migration caused. If issues persist, please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff



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  1. Will existing settings (such as automatic replies, inbox rules, etc. ) stay intact?


    1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

      Yes, there will be no changes and all settings remain the same.

      1. Ever since this afternoon it seems that the forwarding I set up using an Inbox rule for my emails has broken. Instead I only get emails ;ike the following back:

        Subject: [censored]
        This message hasn't been delivered yet. Delivery will continue to be attempted.
        The server will keep trying to deliver this message for the next 1 days, 19 hours and 55 minutes. You'll be notified if the message can't be delivered by that time.
        As far as I can see, my account has not yet been migrated (I see the old interface after login). I have also heard from other students that this happens to them when they try to send emails to external domains.
        Does this have something to do with the migration or is this an unrelated issue and I should open a ticket with itsupport?
        1. Yeah, sorry, fixed since ~21:00 yesterday. All stuck emails have then been delivered.

  2. My apple mail app is suddenly not able to connect to the exchange server anymore. It keeps telling me that it can't verify the username or password. Any ideas how to solve this?

  3. I have some (mac) client issue after migration (at least the web interface for login is new for my account...): The computer/client keeps asking for the password, unhappy and not working. I also sent (via web interface) an email to IT Support but strangely did not get the usual timely automatic reply

  4. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

    I get this pop up too on an MacBook Pro. If I just click cancel the pop up vanished and apple mail works as usual.

    1. that does not work in my case.. the complaining dialog pops up again and again... --> and also the system preference entry does not like my credentials anymore...  (but from the web and mobile ios app all works OK).


      1. I have the same problem here.

        1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

          Please use jacobs\campusnetusername as username.

          1. I did use campusnet username but the same error exists. I only managed to fix it after I switched my mail client setting 

            to POP. Neither Mac's default exchange or the one with IMAP setting works after the migration. 

            1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

              Which macOS and mail client are you using. Did you use jacobs\hyuan as username?

  5. Same with my Windows PC: popping up password requests from Outlook (since about 15:20), but they dont help - Outlook can not connect to the mail server. I restarted the PC - nothing changed. On the other hand, webmail seems to work.

    1. Is the PC joined to the domain? What Windows version is it running? What Outlook version is it running? Do you use Exchange Connect of Outlook, or IMAP  or POP?

      Currently looking into it.

      1. OK ... any news about the mail problems with classical Outlook & Windows PC? I tried the "repair" option in Outlook - nothing changed.

        1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

          Can you please tell us some more details.

          Is the PC joined to the domain? What Windows version is it running? What Outlook version is it running? Do you use Exchange Connect of Outlook, or IMAP  or POP?

          1. It is a standard office PC with Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and Outlook 2007, Domain JACOBS, Server SAD01, Name: W1ZP..., Outlook uses "Exchange (send from this account by default)". Sent this info also to Torge yesterday.

            1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

              Windows XP is deprecated since 04.2014 and Outlook 2007 is not supported on Exchange 2016. Please send a mail to to get a updated installation and supported configuration.

              1. Okay ... would have been nice to get this info earlier. Before the migration everything was running fine ... but thanks for your help!

                1. OK, thanks to Ulrichs side comment (see below) I tried my Outlook again - I went to account settings > change > more settings > connection > exchange proxy settings > and then switched from "NTLM Authentication" to "Basic Authentication".

                  After restarting Outlook, typing my password once, it connected to Microsoft Exchange, downloaded all emails since yesterday and I have no more problems by sending emails. Seems to work as usual

                  Is there any problem when I use from now on Basic instead of NTLM Authentification?

  6. I have the same problem with my Apple Mail as Angelo and others.

    The web interface works as well as Outlook works on my Mac.

    Mac mail also works, as well as iPhone for me.

    1. Can confirm the initial issue w/OSX 10.11.6 & Apple Mail. Currently updating the Mac...

      1. not to 10.12, I hope.. it's not required, right?

        1. Download time 3 1/2 hours, not counting time for installation. Please don't expect a solution today, besides using the web interface or Outlook on Mac.

          Outlook 15 on Mac works out of the box. No, this is not a sinister scheme to convert Mail users to Outlook.

          I don't know yet, what is required. This situation is unexpected. All scenarios tested before worked. Why would Mail on Mac not work?

          1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

            From :

             I have found the best and quickest way to solve this issue is to delete and then re-add the account from Settings > Mail > Account.

            Does this help someone with the mentioned problem?

            1. it was quick, but did not help unfortunately. I can't re-add the account. I have now Alpine (if i manage to get it work with smtp...) and - soon - outlook, but would prefer to have apple mail (and calendar) back.

      2. Finally managed to update to 10.12.3.

        Apple Mail works out of the box w/Exchange connection. Caveat: username requires format "jacobs\campusnetusername".

        1. The username change worked for me on macOS Sierra 10.12.3. Thanks!

  7. Hi everyone, I am also on Mac OS X and can no longer read email (even though I am currently organizing a multi-people event over the weekend for which instant responses are required, and webmail is not a solution).

    My symptoms are different though: a pop-up window (that I'm not allowed to attach here) complains "The identity of "" cannot be verified". The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "mailhost..." which could put your confidential information at risk. Do you want to connect to the server anyway". Then I have the option to "connect", but then no connection comes up. I can also "show certificate", and this gives details of the non-recognized host. Hence in my case, it's not my account that fails to get recognized, but the jacobs mail server. (I am using Mail 7.3 on OS 10.9.5; in no mood to spend hours updating.)

    So what's going on, when can we get back to work???



    1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR is deprecated since 2009, please use instead

      1. Thanks, Daniel. So I changed that server, and the response is that Mail briefly attempts to fetch email but almost instantly gives up without error message. Very annoying and blocking work... Hope you'll find a solution to the problem soon.

  8. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

    Can you please check your keychain.

    Open keychain access and search for exchange in the upper right corner. Then check all entries related to exchange for correct username and password.

    If you found entries with @shubcas01/ 02/ 04/ 05 or a wrong password, please delete them. open/reopen mail and enter your username (jacobs\campusnetusername) and password.

    1. I just tried the fix, but no success...  i also deleted my certificate from keychain access...

      1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

        Can you please delete all related entries in keychain access and try again.


        1. no entry left it seems in the keychain... i try a reboot with fingers crossed...

          1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

            Just had the possibility to test with macOS 10.10.4 and mail 8.2 (2102) which worked flawless.

            Will update to El Capitan and see what happens.

            1. Hi, I just tried the fix and it worked on macOS 10.12.3 (Sierra) and Mail 10.2! I deleted the exchange account, removed all related entries in the keychain and re-added the account with username "jacobs\campusnetusername" instead of just "campusnetusername". Thanks for you help!

              1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

                Thank you for your feedback.

                Glad we could help (smile) 

  9. I observe the same phenomenon on Kubuntu 14.04, Thunderbird 45.5.1:

    • can read all mails
    • when sending a mail I get prompted for a password; neither ignoring it ("cancel") nor providing it helps, it keeps reappearing.

    Among others this means I currently cannot send to my student lists, hence, I am grateful for a solution.



    1. PS: can I try this keychain thingie somehow in thunderbird, is there an equivalent, and where?

      1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

        Please check the SMTP settings:


        Port: 587

        Connection security: STARTTLS

        Authentication method: Password, normal/plain

        Username: jacobs\campusnetusername

    2. Hi Peter,

      I have just installed a Kubuntu 14.04.5 LTS  and added Thunderbird 45.7.0 from the repository.

      While following the "Add Account" wizard, the only configuration needed for the IMAP and SMTP parameters was to specify

      • as sending and receiving host,
      • change the username to campusnetusername (without dot),
      • hitting re-test,
      • authentication to use normal password.

      Receiving and sending emails worked with these settings. For having a copy of sent mail I needed to select the correct folder.

      PS This Thunderbird throws "Error. 12." messages, which can be ignored and switched off by disabling the setting "mail.server.default.send_client_info". These messages also will vanish after further migration steps during the next days.

      1. Baumann, Peter does this work for you? You also should not get the Error.12. anymore, if ever. Do you?

        1. meantime all is fine again, thanks! (smile)

  10. just tried it - the only change I had to do was setting port 25 -> 576 (default).

    Result: "An error occurred while sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: 4.3.2 Service not available"

    resetting to 25, therefore.

    1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

      My mentioned configuration works with Thunderbird 45.7.1 and Win10.

      Port 587 or 25

      1. Being on a business trip outside Germany, I am not really happy email doesn't work for me anymore while being dependent on it:

        OpenSuse Leap 42.1: Thunderbird 45.7.1

        I can receive email after I changed "Password" from NTLM to normal. Seems to be a server setting "issue" (at least worked before and also others might run into this issue:

        No luck sending emails with the above settings. Only at Port 25 I am asked for password but then access is refused (password works for incoming though, tried all kinds of variations with/without domain, domain in capital or small, etc).

        To add to this, my cell phone using Android 5.1.1 cannot connect to the exchange server anymore (sad)

        Are there issues with certificates maybe?

        1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

          Certificates aren't changed because we added the new server names to the certificate long time ago in preparation to the migration.

          The mentioned settings for NTLM are configured this way since 2008 (via domain GPO).

          We have Cell phones with Android 6.0.1, 7.1.1, windows phone, iPhone and with default mail app and outlook app working without problems.



          1. Android 4.1.2 (cyanogen mod) also continues to work without any hickup after the migration using the built-in mail app w/Exchange connection.

          2. SMTP using Port 25 now works for me!! (I guess the server config was modified). Port 587 does not work for me.

            The cell phone also accepted the account setting and now works fine again.

            Still need to figure out if I will get the Thunderbird plug-in for the Exchange calendar go to work again:

            Update: The plug-in works using the URL of exchange web service which is

  11. sierra does not help seemingly.... 

    1. Have you changed your username from "campusnetusername" to "jacobs\campusnetusername"? Worked for me on Sierra (see above).

      1. +1 it does work, many thanks. thanks, ah right. I am in the middle of the 3rd update of sierra.. I can report once the white apple is gone...

  12. Funny partial progress: 

    For test purposes, I tried accessing a different email account that I installed a while ago for different purposes. And here I can access email from my Mac the way I want to (using the exchange server and the pop account). Then I tried to copy the settings to my regular mail account, and continue to fail. Had some confusion between the different "username" conventions dschleiche vs. d.schleicher, but they fail in different ways. 

    Conclusion: a) there is a solution, even from a Mac, it doesn't reboot or reinstall a new OS.  And b) either it has to do with very subtle settings that escape my eye, or it relates to funny settings within the server (length of user name? white space? capital letters? period in user name? Had all such issues at previous instances.)

    However: everything seems extremely slow today, including this teamwork server (that is overloaded from continuous refresh) and also mail upload on the server that does work.

    1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

      Please use jacobs\dschleiche as username.

  13. I tried to follow earlier advice and deleted the exchange account from my mail app. Unfortunately I can't re-add it. There are also no exchange related certificates in my keychain access app. I am using SIERRA (OS 10.12.3). 

    1. Okay. It worked now with the changed user name.

  14. on my Kubuntu / THunderbird installation I switched back to port 25 and replaced user name "PBAUMANN" -> "jacobs\PBAUMANN" as recommended, but to no avail. Auth method was and is "Normal password", connection security STARTTLS.

  15. I seem to be able to work now with Mail from my Mac, without installing a new OS. At least it seems to past a certain test. My conclusions:

    a) the old account is still not working.

    b) I created a new account, and the settings I had to pay attention to were:

    • I set up a pop account, configured manually
    • user name jacobs\dschleiche (I still don't understand why we need the two conflicting standards: note that in the next line it's d.schleicher... again)
    • under "description" I used to have some meaningful entry, and it started working once I replaced that by the full email address (d.schleicher@jacobs-...).
    • (This is in Mail under preferences/accounts)

    No idea why the old accounts don't work, but I hope this work-around will allow us to get back to work.

    (My current problem is that the system wants to download all mails stored on the server once again, because they were not downloaded to the new mail account. I would then have to go through 1500 emails and figure out whether I had dealt with them previously, and this is a dreadful thought. Need to figure out a work-around here.)

    Good luck everyone, and report your success too!

    1. Dierk, thanks for sharing, I will try next. What you want is an IMAP client instead of POP3. That is a simple choice in some menu (just cannot say which one as I do not use Mac)




    2. Thanks for the feedback!

      IMAP and POP always worked. The current issue is only with an Exchange connection type, which provides also access to contacts, calendar, notes, todos.

      I'd say POP3 is not a good idea to use. IMAP4 is server-based and honors your email read-status, and doesn't require re-download of emails.

  16. [RESOLVED] got it for Linux! Do NOT use the LDAP account (for me: PBAUMANN) but lower case (pbaumann), in total: jacobs\pbaumann.

    Thanks to everybody for helping!


    1. slash or backslash? (wink) 

      1. backslash, my bad - corrected now.

  17. I had gmail configured to send mail from my jacobs address with as SMTP Server.

    This does not work anymore. I deleted the connection and tried to reinstall it again: 


    1) When I try to configure it with username jacobs\jlorenz it immediately spits out the error: Oops, we weren't able to finish. Please verify that you have entered the exact settings provided by your other email service. Contact your other email administrator for further details.

    2) When I try to configure it with username  jlorenz on part 587 it spits out the error: Couldn't reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.

    3) When I try it with username jlorenz and Port 25, Gmail says I should verify through an Email, which I then do, but when I try to send a mail after verification from I receive an email after some seconds:

    Message not delivered

    You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending.

    The response from the remote server was:

    334 xxx 334 xxx 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful


    Any suggestions?


  18. general question Schmidt, Torge: what about making this page not visible to anonymous but just to registered confluence users?

    1. Having the IT space visible anonymously was by design:

      • it allows to access the info how to get help also when IT-disabled for any reason, including due to not being member of Jacobs University but still needing help because being on campus
      • it allows to access the info how to get help also when less IT-savvy 
      • it allows access to RSS feeds, including re-publishing to Twitter and Facebook, to widen the audience
      • it shows interested third parties what services we offer
      • it shows, that we actively deal with issues, when they come up, and promote community discussion and involvement

      Individual IT issues should usually be dealt with by contacting Service Desk for Faculty and Staff resp. Service Desk for Students.



      1. Thanks for changing my post. Was not aware anything should be xxx'ed.

        I consider it a general problem, related to the change. My usernames just serve as example. 

        Any advice?

        1. No advise regarding Gmail yet, besides not giving Jacobs' login data to third parties... still working on the technical part.

        2. Please try again, 587 should be re-instated after fixing some fixes.

  19. Could it be the case that emails from non-Jacobs email addresses have not being delivered to jacobs email addresses?

    1. That doesn't seem likely. Incoming mails were never affected. A quick test I just did showed delivery within seconds.

      If you are missing a particular mail please send mail address of sender and recipient and the date and time of sending the email (including timezone) as exact as possible to Service Desk for Faculty and Staff to investigate.

  20. Hi all!

    I have the following issue since Wednesday: once I try to log in my mailbox using Chrome or Firefox, it gives out error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS and proposes to clean cookies (which does not help). Nevertheless everything works fine with Internet Explorer. I am having Windows 8.1 on my laptop.

    1. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

      Found an incorrect entry on the second exchange node and corrected it.

      Just tested with Chrome, Firefox and IE on Windows 10 without problem.

      1. Thanks! Everything works now.

  21. Does this migration affect the normal settings at all to create an 'exchange account' in third party apps . i.e. I am using a calendar program on my mac at home and since last week I have not been able to log into exchange. Eventually I deleted the account and tried to se it up again but cannot get it to work at all despite trying every variation of 'login' names (with or without dot - with or without the @jacobs part...etc.) No dice. Hmmm


    1. Your login name would be "jacobs\rewells". Did you use this? Do you use the current MAC OSX, Sierra?

  22. Adler, Daniel AUTHOR

    Use jacobs\campusnetusername as your username.

    1. I will try this tonight - thanks

    2. (MacOS 10.10.5, Yosemite.) Posting this information in case it's helpful for others.

      Although I knew that I needed to change my username, I didn't want to delete the Exchange account, and the Preferences Accounts pane had the username greyed out, so it couldn't be changed there.

      So the first step came from this post (within a longer thread on the subject of changing the Exchange username in about modifying the information in an accounts.plist file. After doing that (and also quitting & restarting and/or perhaps my Mac), I started getting mail from my Jacobs account again.

      Yet my messages from before I had made that username change seemed to have disappeared. So the next step was to use the Rebuild item in's Mailbox menu. Now it appears that everything is working for me in MacOS.

      It also appears that no changes needed to be made on my iOS devices? That's how I guessed that the older messages might not have actually disappeared; they were still on those devices in addition to being able to receive new messages on there.

  23. Hi,

    Worked very well with Thunderbird, no issues (but it downloaded absolutely all messages from the server again, not just the new ones...).

    Since I only use Thunderbird for storage and generally use the web interface to send and reply to emails, I was wondering how to find out how much server space has been used by email? In the old web interface you could see that by hovering with the cursor over your inbox name - how can you do it now?

    Thanks a lot!

    P. S. Works great on my phone too - much easier to send emails from there than before!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback!

      You can check the usage of your mailbox by clicking on the gear icon on top right, from the drop-down menu select Options, then in the left-hand menu select General, then My Account. At the bottom right of the resulting page you'll find the Mailbox usage.

      1. Found it, this is great! Thank you! (smile)

  24. All ok again. oops... Now Apple mail on Sierra does not work anymore. Anyone experiencing similar issues?


    1. Glad to hear that! Was there an issue IT needs to look after?

      1. I don't know.. at some point it refused to connect, both via normal network and via VPN and some dialog complained about "default port unreachable". That was only on Apple Mail, webmail worked OK. If something more/else happen I will report. Thanks a lot.

        1. Did the look and feel of OWA (the web interface) change for you? From ~orange to blue? Then this effect was probably the result of an ongoing migration.

          1. yes, it changed but already since a couple of days. The only odd thing (see #2017021611000192) was the instantaneous/mysterious fill of the quota increased....