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There is a new uprise of fraud telephone calls at Jacobs University posing as computer support from Dell or Microsoft, etc, in English or German. The callers sometimes know your name and would like to validate your contact details and/or "offer" to remove malware, get your computer repaired or optimized, and request remote access or want you to install software, for free or not.

Do not accept this unsolicited "offer", which is an attempt to install malware on your computer, steal your data, get money from you, and make the world a worse place to live in.

Just hangup and carry on. As usual, do not give your accountname or password to anyone, nor give credit card details, nor allow remote access to your computer for unknown callers!

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  1. Well, that should be clear to EVERYONE, that works on programs, updates, etc. are done either automatically or by a member of the ITeam!

    NEVER give some those sensible data to somone else, always think of your own credit card! Who gives away the PIN to someone unknown?