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(tick) You need to be


  • browse to the

  • on the left-hand side is a list of spaces you are allowed to see
  • click on the "All" tab
  • after each space list entry are several icons
  • the stars are used to define favourite spaces
    • if a star is grey, it's not selected as favourite
    • if a star is yellow (star), it's selected to be a favourite
    • toggle the favourite state by clicking on the star
  • select at least one space as favourite
  • above the list of spaces, click on the "My" tab
  • the list of spaces shrinks to the spaces marked as favourites
  • and so does the "Recently Updated" list on the right hand side!


Favourite spaces are an easy way to stay tuned with often-visited, high-impact, high-relevance information concerning daily work.

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