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The emails sent by the system can be configured:

  • in the user options menue on the

  • click on "Preferences"
  • click on the "Edit Profile" tab
  • click on "Email" menue entry

(info) In the "Email format" list box you can configure, in which format to receive the emails.

(plus) HTML emails work well in Microsoft Outlook, and the content of the modified information is very close to the original information. Links in the email point directly to the Confluence function.
(minus) Not all email clients or users like HTML-formatted emails.
(lightbulb) It's your choice!

(green star) Remember to click on "Save" to save any changes (wink)

Emails from this system have a subject line starting with "[~tschmidt:confluence]" so that you can easily create filters in your email client or on the email server to organize them appropriately.

(warning) Replying to emails of this system is of no use, they will be automatically discarded.

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