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The same mechanism for watching spaces is also available to watch single pages:

  • browse to a page
  • (warning) that page must not yet be watched, e.g. by watching the space it is in
  • in the upper-right corner is an envelope icon
    • if the envelope is looking pale, the page is not watched by you
    • if the envelope is more colorful, the page is being watched by you
    • (warning) if the envelope is more colorful and shows a globe behind it, it is watched by watching the space; please choose another page for this tutorial
    • toggle the page watch state by clicking on the envelope.

(thumbs up) From now on, if something changes with this page, or a comment is added, you will receive an informational email as described in 350. Watching a Space.


The page watch mechanism is very handy for closely monitoring very specific information, e.g. reports you are interested in, information you are waiting for, etc.

(info) You can stop watching the page by toggling the watch status icon on the page.

To get an overview of your watches, see 360. Know Your Watches.

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