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Almost like 4030. Pages, but

  • don't have a hierarchy (i.e., are global in a Space)
  • show up in "Browse Space" -> "News" view by default
  • must be displayed in page with a command
  • have a date attached when they were posted
  • have a list ordering, with predecessor and successor
  • title can't be changed after posting ((info) restriction has been removed by an update)
  • can be syndicated
  • are independent entries of pages, i.e. not attachments or attributes of a Page.

"Blog item", "blog entry", "blog post", "news item", "news entry", "news post" all mean the same in this system.

(tick) Use blog entries for information relevant at a specific point (or interval) in time. If an information is valid for the foreseeable future, create a page instead.

(lightbulb) Example: List of five newest entries in IRC-IT Blog

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