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  • Targets:
    • Anonymous: users not logged in
    • Users: accounts from CampusNet
    • Groups: several, e.g.
      • Confluence-Users-LDAP GS-JACOBS-Members-FLAT: all members of Jacobs University
      • confluence-users: self-subscribed users (currently disabled enabled)
      • a lot more! Read Groups to use for assigning permissions to avoid pitfalls! (warning)
  • Functions: see by example
  • Assigned in a matrix

(green star) Views and search results depend on current permissions!

(thumbs up) The "teamwork" system should foster co-operation, collaboration, and teamwork!

Try to set the permissions to allow for Being bold in updating pages (Wikipedia):

The Wikipedia community encourages users to be bold in updating articles. Wikis develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise, and so on. We expect everyone to be bold: it's okay. [...] Wikipedia not only allows you to add, revise, and edit the article ¿ it wants you to do it. It does require some amount of politeness, but it works. You'll see.

Also, of course, others here will edit what you write. Don't take it personally. They, like all of us, just want to make Wikipedia as good as it can possibly be.

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  1. hm, problem is that still nothing is said on how to really change permissions. Guess this would be the appropriate place, though., So please, dear admin... (smile)

    1. Ah, right, "see by example" meant, here I did live demonstrations during the sessions I held (smile)

      Short version: In the menue, click -> Browse Space -> Space Admin, in the "Security" section, click "Permissions". A permission matrix opens. To change anything, click "Edit Permissons" (any of the three buttons, doesn't matter which), than search/add users or groups, set or unset options to your liking.

      "Space Admin" permissions are required to change space permissions.

  2. wow, that was fast indeed - thanks a lot! (smile)
    My fault - never would looked under "browse".

    1. "Space Operations" would be better and more consistent instead of "Browse Space" (sad)