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On the right-hand side dialogue of the feed builder, continue with the selection of

  • Feed format: Depending on your requirements and the software you use, choose of one the available options.
  • Feed size: The number of entries, the more entries per retrieval, the less the chance to miss a posting. This also depends on the retrieval period of the feed. 10 might be a good starting point to experiment with.
  • Feed authentication: Select either of both options,
    • Authenticated: this is required, if you want to monitor information which is not available to the general public by having anonymous view permission, see 4070. Permissions.
    • Anonymous: this is the option of choice and very recommended if possible.

Protect your Password

To access an authenticated feed for protected information, you have to provide your user credentials upon accessing the feed. This can be okay in a protected environment, i.e. an application running on your private computer no one else has access to.

This is definitely not a good thing to enter on public web sites, e.g., because

  • your password travels in the clear to the service provider
  • the service provider than has access to your credentials.

Strictly speaking, this is also a violation by you of the General Policy Governing the Appropriate Use of Computer Resources, which specifically forbids sharing your password with someone else, and also forbids to allow others to access Jacobs University resources!

(tick) If at all possible, use anonymous feeds.

(error) Do not use authenticated feeds outside Jacobs University network and especially not with any service providers.

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