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Informational Purposes Only

If you have questions and inquiries regarding your Alumni/World services of Jacobs University, especially including password requests, please contact the Alumni Association.

Configuration Information

To configure your mail client to read and write mails:

POP3 Server

SMTP Server

(tick) POP3S and SMTPS are also available.

(tick) IMAP4 and IMAP4S are also available.

Port numbers to use are standard.

(warning) Relaying of emails, i.e. sending from a non-Jacobs University email address to a non-Jacobs University email address, is only available after authenticating with the mail server!

Access Information

Use the above information in the email client of your choice.

There is also a web interface at

That web interface is available world-wide.

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  1. what is the smtp server now that is on gmail?


    1., I guess.

      If you run into trouble, here are the Gmail help pages: 

  2. I have only now seen the post. Furhter info can also be found here, offered by the Alumni Association: