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Table of Content

Service Level Agreement

Name of Service

Bremer Energie Institut Server Hosting Service, short name "beihosting".

Service Description

The service provides network access and hardware hosting for the server of the Bremer Energie Institut, in short "BEI Server"

Service Products

The BEI Servers will be rack-mounted in the server hall in E.ON Lab (hosting center) in own rack Row 3.

Air condition, power supply, and network access is provided. The Service Customer provides an own uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Requests follow the Service Support as detailed below.

Emergency access is possible as detailed below.

There is no operating system or application management of the BEI Server, nor physical maintenance of the system or data backup or any additional services included in this Service Level Agreement.

(info) KPIs as given below are for informational purposes only, as the measured services are not managed by the Service Provider.

Service Customer

Bremer Energie Institut, Prof. Brunekreeft.

(info) This SLA has been agreed upon on 14.07.2009, and amended on 15.02.2012.

Service User

Service User for this Service Level Agreement are the server administrator/s as appointed by the Service Customer.

Service Continuity

The service is provided during BEI's room rent on Jacobs University Campus, or until July 31 2010, whichever comes first.

Service Availability

The service is available 24/7. Physical server access and incident response is provided as described below.

Network access is provided to the server equipment with IP address

Service Charging

Costs for service provisioning are included in the room rental agreement.

(info) Cost center BEI is 2360.

Service Customer Responsibility

The Service Customer is responsible for any content stored on or published by the server. IRC and Jacobs University policies, German and International laws apply. This specifically include data protection and telecommunication laws.

The Service Customer ensures, that all Service Users and Server Administrators, are named and informs the Service Provider about any changes in personnel regarding server administration.

The Service Customer ensures, that all Service Users acknowledge, sign and comply to the content of the attached Verpflichtungserklärung and forwards the filled and signed forms to the Service Provider.

Service User Responsibility

The Service User is responsible for technical soundness of the server as relevant for this Service Level Agreement.

The Service User informs the Service Provider timely about changes in technical aspects of the hosted server as far as they are relevant for this hosting agreement.

The Service Users have to acknowledge, sign and comply to the content of the attached Verpflichtungserklärung and forward the filled and signed forms to the Service Provider.

The Server Users should provide for automatic restart measures in case of unforeseen and unattended incidents in the hosting center causing a shutdown or reboot.

If emergency access was used (see below), the Service User will inform the Service Provider about the incident through the regular Support Channels as described below.

Service Provider Responsibility

The Service Provider will inform the Service User timely about forseeable events in the hosting center relevant for this Service Level Agreement.

The Service Provider will enable physical access to the hosted server according to the Service Support extent as described below.

The Service Provider will inform the porters about this Service Level Agreement and workflows for emergency server access.

The Service Provider will receive the signed forms "Verpflichtungserklärung" and inform the porters about the appointed Service User personnel for emergency access.

Service Support

Support Extent

The Service Desk for Faculty and Staff ensures physical access to the servers during usual business hours for scheduled maintenance, if requested at least four business hours in advance through the regular Support Channels (see below).

(lightbulb) The Service Provider has regular Maintenance Hours which might be an appropriate time frame for the Service User's access to the hosting center for scheduled maintenance. At the time of writing this Service Level Agreement, the Maintenance Hours are each Thursday from 7am to 8am. The current Maintenance Hours can be found at

If unforseeable physical access to the server is neccessary due to hardware failures or other technical emergencies, the appointed Service User can approach the porters at the main gate and ask for immediate access to the server room. A reliable proof of identity has to be shown to the porters, e.g. Bundespersonalausweis. The porters will check the eligibility based on the personnel information provided by the Service Provider. If the access is granted, porters will accompany the Service User into and out of the hosting center, and observe the maintenance works. Physical access will be limited to the hosted server. No modification of Jacobs' infrastructure is possible. The porters will log the event.

Support Channels

Service support can be reached by employing the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff contact channels.

Emergency physical access in case of unforseeable technical failures can be requested by the appointed Service User at the porters' office at the main gate in person.

Support Availability

Regular access is available during business hours and regular Maintenance Hours.

Other inquiries should follow the procedures and contact channels for Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.

Contact Information

Contact Service Customer

From CampusNet data:


Brunekreeft, Gerd




disc Energy Economics

CampusNet user name:


CampusNet unique id:



Telephone number:


Home page:

Room number:

Reimar Lüst Hall, 177

Jacobs University membership:


Cost center:


Contact Service User/s

The Service User/s acting as server administrators as appointed by the Service Customer are:

  • Julia Reiser
  • Wolfgang Schulz
  • Frank Röttgers
  • Thomas Rix

Service Desk for Faculty and Staff

Always current at Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.

At the time of writing this Service Level Agreement:

  1. write an email to anytime.
  2. call 4666 during telephone hours, voicebox anytime.
  3. visit the IRC-IT office CC 3-255 during open office hours.

Measurements of Key Performance Indicators

(info) This measurement of KPIs is for information purposes only, as the availability is measured of a service, which is not managed by the Service Provider.

Availability Service

External pages show the availability of HTTPS for the last month and, for informational purposes only, for the last 7 days.

Live System Status

The live status of the system implementing the service can be seen at this external page.

Additional Links

The form "Verpflichtungserklärung Zutritt Serverraum" is online at Forms.

Server Location Photos

Attached are photos of the location of the server rack: