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Please visit the eduroam CAT page for Jacobs University Bremen and download the installation tool.

(info) For this step you need a working Internet connection, please connect via cable or use the "JACOBS" WiFi on campus without login.

Click on the "Download your eduroam installer" button - the web page will automatically detect Linux.

Some browsers warn you about the possibly harmful contents of the file, please "Keep" the file.

Please open a terminal and change to your download directory and start the installer.

me@blackium:~> cd ~/Downloads
@blackium:~/Downloads> sh 
This installer has been prepared for Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH

More information and comments:


Installer created with software from the GEANT project.

This installer will only work properly if you are a member of Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH.
Continue Y/N? [N]: Y

Please confirm with "Y".

enter your userid:
enter your password: <password>
repeat your password: <password>
Installation successful

Enter your username as a combination of your Jacobs username and the domain "". The user "John Doe" would typically have the Jacobs user name "jdoe", hence the eduroam username should be "". Please also enter your regular Jacobs password as reply to the password requests.

(warning) Note, that the username is NOT your Email address! You email address has a dot in it, your Jacobs username does not!

(warning) Please note, that the password typed is visible, so make sure, nobody is looking over your shoulder!

NetworkManager is now set up for eduroam connection.

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  1. The downloaded file is a python script not a shell script. You have to run the python script, the installation is straightforward

  2. This did not work for me. The script tried to create a wpa_supplicant.conf file which I could not find anywhere.

    I configured the connection manually, providing the directory of the certificate and the authentication protocol. Then it seemed to work.

  3. The command to be executed in the terminal is "python", not "sh"

  4. I tried this installer on Linux Mint 19.1., but it does not work. Even though it returns that the installation was succesful, I cannot connect to eduroam (if I try to connect, it does essentially nothing; not even asking for the password again).

    I also tried to setup the connection manually, but somehow I failed (even though it worked on my previous laptop ... don't know what I miss this time). Could you maybe provide me with the details regarding the manual connection setup? Especially: Modus (Client/Hotspot/Ad-Hoc), identity and domain.

    Security should be WPA&WPA2 Enterprise, PEAP/MSCHAPv2 with Telekom root certificate, right?

    Edit: Ok, got it. If anyone else got the same problem: For "anonymous identification" you need to insert "", then it works.