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Please visit the eduroam CAT page for Jacobs University Bremen and download the installation tool.

(info) For this step you need a working Internet connection, please connect via cable or use the "JACOBS" WiFi on campus without login.


Click on the "Download your eduroam installer" button - the operating system mentioned should match your actual system.

If the downloaded installer software does not start automatically, start it from your download folder.

 click "Next"

 confirm, that you are a member of Jacobs University Bremen by clicking "OK".


Enter your username as a combination of your Jacobs username and the domain "". The user "John Doe" would typically have the Jacobs user name "jdoe", hence the eduroam username should be "". Please also enter your regular Jacobs password in the password entry fields.

Proceed bye clicking "Install".

(warning) Note, that the username is NOT your Email address! You email address has a dot in it, your Jacobs username does not!

 Close the installer by clicking on "Finish".

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