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Confluence is the system driving this very system, Jacobs University's intranet, teamwork, and collaboration site. The tutorials gives an introduction into this product to allow Jacobs University's members to quickly distribute information, work together on tasks, and to efficiently stay updated about what is going on at Jacobs University.

More Documentation

In addition to these tutorials, you also might want to look for additional information about Confluence.


  1. how can i create my own personal space? I don't see preference under the search box on top right

    1. Sorry, due to updates, menue items have changed. The current, Confluence 3.0 documentation sais:

      1. Go to your name at the top of the page. (This is the 'User' menu. A dropdown list will appear when your cursor hovers over the 'User' menu.)
      2. Select 'Create Personal Space' from the dropdown list. The 'Create Personal Space' view will open.

      1. Thanks but it shows only profile, network, and status update pages... I still don't see where to create my personal space

        1. You are right. The absence of the "create personal space" option appears to be a bug in the current default template as inherited from Confluence 2.

          Until this is fixed, here is a workaround: Create personal space option doesnt appear in account options

          1. finally.. it worked out.. thanks (big grin)

  2. How can i edit my name shown on outgoing emails.