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Jacobs University has several distinct email systems:

No longer operational:

  • Jacobs University Email: an email service for all Jacobs University members.
  • Admin Email: available only for admin members and is based on an Microsoft Exchange server.
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  1. while this mail normally works quite well except for some constraints not found elsewhere, sometimes delay is considerable. Quoting my team member, Susanne Ebrecht:

    Svenja Frischholz hat mir am 2. September eine Email geschrieben.
    Ich hatte sie damals durch Zufall via PUSH auf meinem Handy gesehen und geantwortet.
    Die Mail ist jedoch nie via IMAP aufgetaucht.
    Vor drei Minuten, hatte ich eine neue Email im Uni-Account - heute ist der 17. Oktober - jetzt rate mal was für eine?
    Genau - die Email von Svenja.
    Peter Baumann
    1. In cases such this, please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff with all available details (including complete email headers) to figure out, what happened.

      1. sorry, not very helpful:

        • no message receveid - how should we know, what can we deliver?
        • message received late: we cannot do the forensics. And it won't help us.


        1. Indeed, it is difficult to find out, if there are mails not reaching oneself, apart from the parallel telephone call "I sent you an email!".

          But still consider Torge:  Please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff with all available details (including complete email headers) to figure out, what happened.

          And even if it is too late for log files - we keep them for 7 days, see ICT guideline - the headers of the mail you received contain information, when the mail passed which mail server. This may give a clue, why a mail took so long to arrive.