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If you are a Student and have IT Problems click here: →  Service Desk for Students

Starter Pack

If you are new at Jacobs University, follow What to do first in IT .

For compiled IT information have a look at.

Jacobs University members need a CampusNet account to access services.

VPN can be used to access Intranet services from outside the university.

Internet is provided through the Eduroam Wireless / Wired network.

Jacobs members have a feature-rich Email account.

Teamwork is a central wiki and blog platform.

A File Server provides centralized storage.

Staff and resident students have a Telephone available.

The multi function Printers deployed on campus can also Scan.

Additional Software is available. (More Software)

To find more services, use the Link Collection.

Use of services is governed by Policies.


Comprehensive Documentation is provided.

There are several contacts available to help. (Contact Info)

Blog Posts

1. Login to your personal mailbox online via 2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and then on "Open another mailbox" 1-open_another_mailbox.jpg 3. A box opens and you enter the name of the mailbox you want to access and then create rules for 2-open_another_mailbox_enter_name.PNG 4. Now you opened the shared mailbox [From this point on it would be the same procedure for a personal mailbox] 5. Click on the settings symbol (circled in red) 6.…
Service impairments
due to organizational reasons, the helpdesk system behind IT, library, facility and some other support services will be temporarily shut down. When it will be available again is unknown at this time, we are working to keep the downtime as short as possible to get you back to the best service possible.
The Internet went down today in Wing C of College III. IT is working to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Update on Wifi project
the WIFI upgrade is entering the next phase. In Krupp A-D college we will finally start installing the new access points on the 20th December. The WIFI future is near!   Network cable installations are almost finished in Mercator College, College III and Research I. Krupp E+F and Research II are currently in progress. Research III + IV, Nordmetall, Southhall, Easthall, Westhall, Labs, AAC, SAC and the other buildings will follow next year.…
New Email-Addresses
Later this week, all members of the university will gradually receive an email address as their main email address with the scheme "Your Campusnet-Username" as the main email address. The old Jacobs email address as a forwarding address will be maintained. Please refrain from making enquiries to IT this week while the changeover is still underway. From 26.12. you are welcome to send your questions and comments to ITSUPPORT@constructor.…
As the rebranding is in full swing, our VPN can't be left behind.On the 15th December we're moving to using to access the campus network via NetExtender. As this point you can reconfigure the software to use the new server. All other parameters stay the same for now.In particular your logon domain is stay as 'jacobs' until the domain is completely moved over to 'constructor'. Your personal credential are going to stay as the same for now as well.…
WIFI upgrade update
the WIFI upgrade is accelerating. Until the end of this year construction workers will install 25km CAT 7A network cables in the hallways of almost every building. These network cables are necessary and dedicated for the 500 new WIFI access points. After installing new network cables we will install the WIFI access points. Network cables are installed in Krupp College A-D and we will begin with the access point rollout soon.…


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