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(lightbulb) Additional information is available at this Microsoft article.

To change the access permission (add or remove a user or group, change access rights) on a folder do the following:

The six main permissions are described below. They can be used in different combinations to allow various levels of access to users.


Allows files or folders to be opened as read-only and to be copied.


Allows the creation of files and folders; allows data to be added to or removed from files.

List Folder Contents

As per Read but also allows navigation of sub-folders - only applies to folders, not files.

Read and Execute

As per Read but also allows users to run executable files.


All the above as well as the permission to delete the file or folder.

Full Control

Full Control – including the ability to change Access rights.


Folders can be traversed irrespective of folder permissions. Ensure to protect contained files appropriately. Do not rely on access permission of folders to prevent access to files, alone!

Right click on the folder where you want to change the access permission and choose Properties.

The properties window of the folder appears.

Click on the Security tab to see the access rights for the folder. To add or remove a user from the access list click on Add or Remove.
To remove a user or group simple click on the user or group to select and then click Remove.
To modify the access right of a user just tick the box next to the desired right (e.g. Modify, Read & Execute) to grant or remove the right.

Avoid using Deny permissions except in the following types of cases:

Use Deny permissions to exclude a subset of a group which has Allowed permissions.
Use Deny to exclude one special permission when you have already granted full control to a user or group.

To accept the changes you made click on Apply and OK.

*Click on _Cancel_ to leave the _Properties Window_. This makes sure that no changes (maybe done by mistage) will be applied

To add a user or group click on Add.

You now see the Select Users, Computers or Groups Window. If you know the users log on name (e.g. mmusterman for Max Mustermann) or the group name (e.g. GS-JACOBS-Staff) you can directly type it into the white field. To add the user or group click on OK.

You can type multiple usernames seperated by a semicolon to add several users

If you do not know the users log on name click on Advanced to search for the user.

Under Common Queries type the lastname of the user to add in the Name Field and click on Find Now.

If you do not know the exact lastname you can just type in the first letters of the lastname (e.g. muster for Max Mustermann)

You now see the user or search result and can select the user by double click on the name.

To select several users hold down the _CTRL Key_ on your keyboard while selecting users you want to add

Click on OK to accept.

You now see the Select Users, Computers, or Groups Window again. Click on OK to accept the user(s).

Now the Folder Properties Window shows up again. To accept and apply the changes you made to the access list click on Apply and to exit the Folder Properties Window on OK.

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