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Sometimes the need arises to send a large file to recipients outside Jacobs University.



Email is a service to transfer large amounts of small text messages. Even attachments to emails are converted to text before sending. Email sizes are limited, and vary for various servers. Even if you get it out somewhere doesn't mean it will be received somewhere else!

Do not send out large files via email.

Large in this context means exceeding a megabyte or two. As said, there is no universal limit. It depends on the email servers on the way to and at the recipient.

The larger the target community is, the smaller the acceptable maximum message size is. That means, mailing lists are more restrictive regarding acceptable message size. Please note, that an email to a mailing list will be copied to each and every member of the list and stored in their mailbox, so the required storage size multiplies.

Also note, that larger emails will be deferred by email servers in favour of smaller ones. Read: large emails travel slower than small ones.

Upload to a server and email link

A better way is to upload to a publicly available server and send the communication partner a link to the document. At Jacobs University, Microsoft OneDrive for Business web access can be used for this purpose. 

How you can access the OneDrive for Business web portal is described at Microsoft Office 365 for Jacobs University.

How you can upload and share files or folders using OneDrive for Business is described at Microsoft support, see articles "Upload files and folders" and "Collaborate" (section "Copy link"), respectively.

(lightbulb) Tip: you can sync your local computer files with OneDrive for Business, there are mobile apps for document editing, and there is more. Have a look at the other articles at Microsoft OneDrive video trainings, use the "Work or school" sections to learn more about OneDrive for Business.