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Jacobs University uses an email list server to manage email lists (aka mailing lists).

For each mailing list it can be configured to retain each email of that list within an archive. All emails of mailing lists with the archiving option on can hence be accessed later for reference purpose.

Most email list archives at Jacobs University are member-only, meaning only members of the mailing list have access to the stored emails. To access the archive, one's email address on that list is required, and the individual mailing list membership password. (warning) This is not the email password (the password which you use to access the email server), but individual for this list and email address.

(tick) The email address usually is your Jacobs University email address, e.g. "".

(info) If you don't know your email list password, see How to know your mailing list password.

For a mailing list "THISLIST", the URL to access the archive is

You can also browse to the archive by visiting the mailing list web page on the mailing list server at, or see the complete list of mailing lists at and then click on the link of the list in question.