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The information given for Mac OS X is complimentary and shared with best intent and knowledge. There is no support for Mac computers at Jacobs by IRC-IT!


  • Mac computer running Mac OSX
  • Your user name on the Mac needs to be the same as your JACOBS domain account aka CampusNet login
  • You need administrative access to the computer
  • Download the printer description file KOC759U.ppd


Use the System Preferences, Printers & Scanners dialog to add an "IP" printer with the following properties:


ProtocolLine Printer Daemon - LPD 



Print Using

select "Other..." and load the printer description file downloaded above

After clicking "Add" a second dialog appears asking for printer features. Finisher is FS-537, Punch Unit PK-523 (2-Hole), Saddle Kit SD-512 (for stapling), no particular paper source unit.

(info) If you are able to manipulate the full URL being used for the printer, e.g. by using the CUPS web interface at http://localhost:631/ , and your Mac user name is not your JACOBS domain account, using lpd:// as printing address will allow you to use your JACOBS domain account for printing despite your different login anyway.


  1. Which Paper Source Unit?

    1. None in particular. Just default ("no"/"none"!?).

  2. Works beautifully now (with CUPS). Thank you Torge.

  3. Reached the CUPS page but not able to ´manipulate´the URL. Please guide? Local host also requires a password. What credentials do I use?

    1. Use the same credentials that you use to log into your PC.

      1. Works! Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi! I followed the steps and added the printer. But no window pops out for me to enter my campus card info after I click print. SO could you help me solve this issue? Thanks:)