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If you are working on a JACOBS domain computer, you need to be logged in with your JACOBS user account.

If instead you are working on any other Windows computer, you need to authenticate yourself with your JACOBS user account upon connecting to the print server !

The fastest way to setup the network printers is:

  • Open an Explorer window (not Internet Explorer, but only Explorer, keyboard shortcut Windows-E), e.g. "My Computer"
  • in the "Address" bar enter (or copy & paste from here): \\
  • a new window opens, listing shares and printers
  • double-click on "QpilotKonica"
  • eventually, a window pops up to install the printer, click "Yes" and wait a few seconds
  • a window pops up showing the printer queue

(thumbs up) You can now use that newly configured printer in any print dialog of Windows.


  1. The old printers are still available after logging onto spring01. Will they be removed eventually?

    What happens to the old color-printers and other non-Toshiba printers?

    For those who do not use their windows domains or need to enter their credentials manually for whatever reason: Don't forget to add JACOBS\ in front of your username so that it reads:


  2. Could the word "Toshiba" please be exchanged with "Konica" in some of the sentences above?

    1. done. Remaining references to Toshiba will be removed after the replacement is completed.

  3. The new printer "QpilotKonica" does not work for me. I've tried using Windows XP the way I usually log on. Replicating the same behavior, the old printer (QPilotToshiba) still works.

    1. If you have support requests, please send a mail to

    2. After 10 days, it still doesn't work. Yes, sent e-mails too.

      1. I'm currently looking into this and may found an error on the qpilot server.
        Currently waiting for a response from the responsible company.

    3. The problem is fixed now and printing from non domain computers via SMB is working again.

      1. Thank you (smile) It works now.

  4. The procedure above did not work for my laptop, and IT was unable to try to figure out why. However, the procedure below worked on my Windows7 x64 Dell XT2:

    1. Please note, that we do not encourage installation of Qpilot software, as it adds another level of indirection, and is generally not needed. You may use it as last resort.
      Jacobs domain-connected computers (Thomas Heine's XT2 is not) do not need the client software, the workflow on this page is heavily tested and works.

  5. I do below to get the new window open, listing shares and printers

    run -> \\sprint01

  6. The printer installs on windows8 but then there is no way of setting the printer options (e.g. two sided). In the printer panel, clicking on the "Adjust printer option" link just produces a nice window sound, while trying from MS Word to open "properties" it just crashes Word. Any updated driver for Windows8 available or troubleshooting guide for it?

    1. We have checked the functionality on several computers before releasing the driver. I have also tested it on a fresh installed laptop with Windows8 64bit this morning without having any problems. The driver works like a charm and changing the properties do not cause any errors.

      1. Maybe it has a conflict with the Kyocera drivers (FS-1010)?

  7. I'm trying to set this up on Windows XP in a VirtualBox VM.

    For some reason I cannot get authenticated when entering \\ in Windows Explorer.

    Entering my campusnet username 'dmisev' and password, just reopens the authentication dialog, but the username is changed to 'WINME\dmisev' (which doesn't help).

    1. A username/password combination is only valid within an authentication domain. This by default is the domain your computer belongs to. As you VM does not belong to any domain, the default context is to use the computer itself as domain. Though, this does not impress OUR domain controller (smile)

      To successfully login to any of Jacobs' domain resources, you need to present a username belonging to Jacobs' authentication domain. You do this by using JACOBS\dmisev as your user name. You can lookup more details at How to login with the JACOBS domain account

  8. When double-clicking on "QpilotKonica" I get this error message:

    "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709). Double check the printer name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network."


    1. Submitted to Service Desk for Faculty and Staff as Ticket# 2015070111000124

      1. Hi Torge, I'm having the same problem, same error message. Was this ticket ever resolved? If yes, how?