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Microsoft Outlook 2003 English

Click Path for using Outlook with Exchange Connector

  • close MS Outlook 2003
  • click "Start" menu, "Settings", "Control Panel", "Email"
  • click option "E-mail Accounts..."
  • select "Add a new e-mail account", click "Next >"
  • select "Microsoft Exchange Server", click "Next >"
  • enter "" as server, your Jacobs account as User name
  • click "Check Name" and see, that server and user name are resolved and underlined
  • click "Next >", click "Finish"
  • start Outlook, a message will appear "Preparing Outlook for first use"
  • then, folders start to fill with data stored on the server.

(warning) A connection to the JACOBS network is required.

(tick) Outlook 2007 supports autodiscover and should be able to fill all fields automatically.

(lightbulb) Tip: If you work with multiple mailboxes (e.g., of shared resources or you are managing other users' calendar), see Manage another person's mail and calendar items.

Exchange Configuration Screen Shots

After entering server and Jacobs account name:

After clicking "Check Name":

After starting Outlook:

Click Path for using Outlook with IMAP Connector

  • open MS Outlook 2003
  • click menue "Tools"
  • click option "E-mail Accounts..."
  • select "Add a new e-mail account", click "Next >"
  • select "IMAP", click "Next >"
  • update the field "E-mail address" to read
  • update the field "Incoming mail server" to read ""
  • update the field "Outgoing mail server" to read ""
  • click "More Settings..."
  • on tab "Outgoing Server" select "My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication, and "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"
  • on tab "Advanced" select "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" for both IMAP and SMTP
  • click "OK"
  • click "Next >"
  • click "Finish"

(info) For practical purposes, SSL and TLS are "the same" here.

A new mailbox appears in the "Mail" tab.

Subscribing to folders

Using IMAP, you will have to "subscribe" to those folders you are interested in seeing:

  • right click "Inbox", select "IMAP Folders...", a window opens

If you want to see all:

  • uncheck "When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only subscribed folders.", click "OK"

If you want to choose:

  • click "Query" (without entering a search term before), for each entry you would like to see in the future, select it and click "Subscribe", then click "OK".

System folders you most likely want to subscribe to, are:



Deleted Items

deleted items




emails and folders

Junk E-Mail



emails submitted for delivery

Sent Items

sent items

IMAP Configuration Screen Shots

First configuration screen:

More settings, "Outgoing Server" tab:

More settings, "Advanced" tab:

Subscription window: