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The settings described here are helpful for mobile users having limited bandwidth or unreliable connection to the Internet.

Outlook is set to retrieve only a selected set of folders, and header information only instead of full emaile. Only after then double-clicking onto an email, the full email is retrieved.

This makes access to new emails faster, and reduces retrieval errors during download due to failing connections.

MS Outlook 2003 English

(click on images for a larger version)

Click "Tools" -> "Send/Receive" -> "Send/Receive Settings" -> "Define Send/Receive Groups..." as shown here:

The "Send/Receive Groups" window opens:

Select the account group to modify, and click "Edit...". The "Send/Receive Settings" window opens:

In the "Folder Options" area, select the folders to download on the left, and click "Download headers only" on the right.

Select "OK" and "Close".