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Jacobs Email


Having an email auto-reply also means automatically replying to spam emails, thereby validating your email account to spammers and increasing the amount of spam emails you will receive in the future. For more information see How to configure Jacobs Email for SPAM filtering.

Configure vacation messages being sent as automatic replies for Jacobs Email with MS Outlook

Click on 'File" in the upper left corner

Now click on 'Automatic Replies'

Choose 'Send automatic replies', options (e.g. time range or rules) and the text that should be send automatically, then click 'OK'.

Use this standard text for your automatic replies

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.
Zur Zeit bin ich nicht im Büro. Ab dem 14.10.2019 bin ich wieder für Sie erreichbar und beantworte Ihre Email. Bis dahin habe ich voraussichtlich keinen Zugang zu meinem Email-Postfach.
Ihre Nachricht wird nicht automatisch weitergeleitet. In dringenden Fällen wenden Sie sich bitte an <substitute>:
<Substitute Name>
Phone: +49 421 200-1243 <>
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Maxine Mustermann
Thank you for your email.
I am away from the office until October 14, 2019.
During that time I will have no access to my emails. I will respond to your request as soon as possible after my return.
Your email is not forwarded automatically. In urgent cases please contact <your substitute>:
<Substitute Name>
Phone: +49 421 200-1234 <>
Best regards,
Maxine Mustermann

Now you can see that automatic replies are turned on

You can also use the web interface in Office 365 to configure your vacation message / automatic replies

In Office 365 click on 'Settings' (the gear icon in the upper right corner) and choose 'View all Outlook settings'

Under 'Mail' > 'Automatic replies' you can configure text and options for your automatic replies. To save your text and settings click 'Save' in the upper right corner of the settings window.


In MS Outlook simply click on 'Turn off' after starting Outlook

In Office 365 click on 'Turn off' in the upper right corner, after logging in 


  1. I searched for this info using automatic mail response, might be worth to have these keyword there.

    1. Done, thanks for the feedback!