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Please check these requirements before continuing: 

How to setup eduroam on Android device

Open the view of all installed apps

Open Settings

Select "Wireless & networks"

Select "Wi-Fi settings"

Select the displayed "eduroam" network"

Select PEAP as EAP method.
For the Phase 2 authentication method please choose MSCHAPV2.
As Identity please enter your CampusNet user name followed by "".
In the field Anonymous identity please enter "".

Please scroll down to enter your CampusNet password in the field Wireless password.
Press the connect button on screen.

If everything went well you see that your Wi-Fi is connected to the wireless network eduroam.


  1. Thank you for the Howto, it works flawlessly on my Galaxy S2, currently using 2.3.4.

    I have one tiny suggestion:
    The first time I looked through the Howto I over-read the requirements section (my mistake) and hence did not import the Telekom Certificate. Hence, highlighting the section might prevent this mistake?

    1. Thanks for your feedback and suggestion - implemented! (smile)

      1. Update: After having talked to the "IT Hotline" I have realized that instead of entering my I have used my email address with the dot. Unfortunately, also after having corrected this, after a short connection (few seconds) the wireless is "Getrennt" again and I cannot reconnect to eduroam afterwards. I also have now installed the three certificates including the above mentioned "Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 certificate" and selected it using the "CA-Zertifikat" switch in my settings. No success!

        Any idea how to solve this problem?


      2. I would suggest to add the "select Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 certificate as CA certificate if needed" within the text of "Select PEAP as EAP method." box in the step-by-step table. Having three certificates installed from the linked howto I just chose Jacobs' one which did not work. Choosing Telekoms' one works instead on Android 2.3.6

  2. Dear Torge,

    Since few days I have a new mobile phone (Galaxy 5) with Android 2.2 installed. When trying to get my mobile connected to enduroram, I am unfortunately not successful up to now. First of all, next to the settings shown on your screen shots, I also have "CA-Zertifikat" and "Nutzerzertifikat" where actually nothing can be selected. Clicking on the switches shows "(keine Angabe"). So I just did set the rest as described in the description above. The mobile sees endororam and tries to connect, but after a while returns "Getrennt". When checking the settings, the Phase 2 Authentication is set back to "Ohne" everytime. Do you have an ideaa how I could solve this problem?

    Thank you for your help in advance!


  3. ... problem still not solved ... is there nobody using eduroam with an Android 2.2 Mobile Phone?


    1. Did you install the Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 certificate as stated in the requirements above? And there still is no CA certificate to select?

      You specified your identity as campusnet user name (WITHOUT A DOT) followed by ""?

      1. Dear Torge,

        I have installed the Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 certificated and it can be (and is) selected in my settings. I have used the correct identity (see my "Update" response above). Nevertheless, I cannot sucessfully connect to eduroam. "Jacobs" works, but I would prefer to use eduroam.


        1. Hi Arnulf,

          ah, okay, sorry, I haven't looked at your above posts...

          I've created ticket #2011101211000141 for this to check the info in the logs, maybe there is something helpful in there.


          1. Dear Torge,

            Thank you - I have just looked intp the internet and there I find many reports about eduroam-android problems ...


  4. Dear Torge,
    Dear Stefan,

    Thank you for your help. After having re-installed all three certificates, finally my eduroam connection was working (at least for the short test period). I do not know why the second installation was required, but it helped.

    Best regards,


    1. Just to add up my advise from the IT Support ticket:

      From the log files I found, that the mobile phone did not have/use the correct CA certificate - maybe corrupted, or there has been a different problem on the phone regarding the certificate store in Android.

      • install the CA certificate again
      • to be sure, install the other two certificates from our chain (DFN and Jacobs University)
      • reconnect
  5. (tick) I just successfully tested Eduroam with Android 4.03 on a Samsung Galaxy S2 with modified stock firmware.

    (info) In the configuration box, the CA certificate needs to be chosen manually from a list of installed CAs. The user certificate box needs to remain blank. This setting does not show up on the Android version of the above Tutorial, thus I wanted to mention it. I guess it depends on the Android version.

    1. Works also on 4.1.2 on Galaxy Advance and confirmed that you have to manually choose the certificate

  6. It seems the requirements section is not visible at all in the mobile version of this page, I only get the howto section

    1. Is the Requirements section header there, but the content is empty; or is there not even a section header?

      1. At the time I wrote I did not notice even the header. I've checked now and from what I see the header is there but under it there is a "paper scroll" icon with "Desktopversion anzeigen" instead of the yellow highlight text.

        1. Thanks! I've removed the fancy formatting and put the requirements as plain text, should now be easily readable.

  7. I can't seem to connect to eduroam on my android device. When I select eduroam, the default EAP method is set as SIM. I change it to PEAP and the phase-2 authentication to MSCHAPV2, but I don't get places to enter my username and password. Only a place with CA certificate, Anonymous Identity, Proxy and IPv4 Settings. I downloaded the certificates but it said "couldn't install", I tried installing it manually, but that too doesn't seem to work. Please help.

  8. On Android 7.0 I must select a 'CA Certificate'. The two options are 'Use system certificates' and 'Do not validate'. I opened all the certificate links from the linked article above with Firefox and all of them appeared to have been already installed. However I cannot get a connection with this option. Selecting 'Do not validate' gives a message 'No certificate specified. Your connection will not be private.' but I can connect.

    What should I do?

    1. I just solved my problem on my own. I had to supply a domain together with the 'Use system certificates' option. I typed '' on good faith and it worked.

  9. +1 to Ivaylo

    I think it's time to update the screenshots anyways....