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How to setup eduroam on Windows Mobile 6.1 device

Click on the Windows logo and select "Settings", switch to the "Connections" tab and click on WiFi.
There select the eduroam network.
If the eduroam network is not visible at your location you can add the network entry manually by selecting "Add network" from the menu in the lower right corner.

Press "Continue" in the lower right.
If configuring manually: enter eduroam for the network name.
All other settings are in place. Continue.

Press "Continue: in the lower right.
If configuring manually: Select WPA2 for "Authentication", and AES for "Data Encryption". Continue.

Select PEAP for "EAP type". Press "Finish" in the lower right.

Either manually connect to the network entry eduroam, or wait until the Authentication screen pops up. As "User name" please enter your Campusnet username followed by, enter your Campusnet password in the "Password" field and leave the "Domain" field empty. Press OK.