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To create email forwarding for Jacobs University Emails,

  • browse to,
  • click "Tools", then "Rules"
  • click on "New Rule",
  • select "Create a new rule for arriving messages"
  • and follow the wizard according to your needs.

(thumbs down) At the moment, this works only with Internet Explorer.

Remember to "Save Changes"

After finishing the wizard, click on "Save" to put the new rule into effect.

(info) There is also unconditional server-side forwarding available. See Server-side email forwarding added.


  1. under and logged in,
    I cannot find the "Tools" and "Rules" buttons/menues - also not under "options".
    Could I please get a hint how to forward my Jacobs emails to a new email address?
    Best regards

  2. Yeah, is there a way to set up forwarding in MS exchange?

    thank you