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Copied from the FAQ network home drive at Jacobs:

I am using a Linux system. How do I get my home drive?

Tip from K. Korte Re: Linux:

under Linux all the backslashes should be slashes meaning:
mount -t cifs -o username=JACOBS/JDOE,password=JDOESPassword // /my/mount/point/ would be the correct command.

Tip from C. Lange Re: Linux:

here are two ways of making it work. Make sure that Samba is installed and that CIFS is supported by your kernel.

  1. GUI: Nautilus (the Gnome file manager) has a nice dialog for connecting to network drives: File → Connect to Server, and then:
    • Service type: Windows share
    • Server:
    • Share: homeshare
    • Folder: y/yourname
    • User Name: yourname
    • Domain Name: jacobs
  2.  On the command line (or create an /etc/fstab entry): mount -t cifs -o username=yourname,workgroup=jacobs // /path/to/mountpoint

Tip from S. Schmidt Re: Linux:

If you are using KDE, fire up Konqueror and enter the URL: smb:// (with "j" replaced by the first character of your username and "jdoe" beeing your username).

I am using a Macintosh system. How do I get my home drive?

Similar to Linux.

Tip from S. Schmidt Re: Mac OSX

In Finder click on "Go", select "Connect to Server...". Then enter the path:
smb:// In the authentication dialog enter your CampusNet username and password below the domain name "JACOBS".