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If you would like to have an own network name, alias, domain, e.g. for a conference web site, there are several options available.

This page is mostly about names of web pages, not hosting or content!

This information page is only about the name of a new web page. Hosting the page is an entirely different matter, as is providing a layout and content!

For hosting a web page at Jacobs University, see e.g.

For providing layout and content of a web page, please see the information at Web Services.

(info) In the following examples, MYNAME denotes the new name part to get for a web address, MYUSER is your CampusNet account.

Table of Content

Pages within teamwork/Confluence

You can easily have your pages on

! Think of setting up a new space called MYNAME.

The page would be accessible as

Pages on the Faculty Web Server

You can easily create a web page for yourself at a URL Please see the details at Faculty Web Service.

Pages on Jacobs University's Web Server

The name of the pages would be Please see Creation of a Conference or Project Page and contact Jacobs University webmaster.

Domains outside Jacobs University namespace

A domain name independent of Jacobs University's namespace "" can also be requested. An example for such a web address would be

This can be requested by filling a purchase request for the name and sending it along it's usual way to the Purchasing Department.

(warning) That name costs 49 EURO per year, on your cost center.

Check Availability First

Before sending the PR for on it's way, make sure that name is not already taken. An easy way is to put the URL into a browser and see, if any other page than a "Server not found" occurs.

If the new domain name should point to a web page of the former category, you have to say so on the purchase request, according to the previous section.

If the new domain name should point outside Jacobs University's responsibility, you also have to specify on the purchase request, to which IP address the name to be registered should point to.

(warning) In any case, the target web page, be it on an Jacobs University server or somewhere else, has to exist!

Web hosting outside Jacobs University responsibility

There are numerous providers for web space available. An exemplary, non-exhaustive, non-advertising list can be found at Interesting Web Services on the Internet. Name forwarding as well as web hosting is provided, depending on the needs.

Requesting is again a matter of sending a Purchase Request on it's usual Jacobs University way to the Purchasing department.

Responsibility for content and administration of the system lies with the requester, and the external hoster. IRC-IT is not involved in the process of setting up or maintaining that web presence.

Please think carefully about whom to charge with the tasks of ADMIN-C, TECH-C, ZONE-C (as far as these roles are not filled by the hosting provider).

Get To Know

You might want to check (in German) for the terms used, and (in German) for the responsibility you have for the web presence.