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If you would like to know, which mailing lists you are subscribed to, you can find out by:

  • Browse to the list of Jacobs University mailing lists.
  • Pick any list you are definitely subscribed to (e.g., jacobs-talk) and click on the link.
  • On the bottom of the list information page, in the "Subscribers" section, enter your email address in the area before the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button, and press that button.
  • After login, on the resulting "member options for user..." page, enter your list password to login to the list. If you don't know your password, hit the "Remind" button in the "Password reminder" section below, and you'll get your list password sent to you by email. 
  • On the resulting "list membership configuration for..." page, in the section "Your other subscriptions", is a button "List my other subscriptions".
  • Hit that button and you get a list of mailing lists you are subscribed to, including links to the member option pages of each list.
  • You might want to edit your membership options of any of the lists by clicking on the provided link. Each list requires you to enter a different password, just follow the procedure of this guide or see How to know your mailing list password.
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  1. I cannot manage to find out which lists I am subscribed to. First I don't find the "member options login page". Second (after lgin in somehow differently an saw the subscribers of jacobs-talk), I do not find the  "Your other subscriptions"

    1. Sorry for the confusion. I've clarified the description. Is his page more helpful now?

      1. Yes I found it, and I am happy to see me subscriptions for the first time! Still it is confusing to find the configuration space for the own address, but that's mailman, I guess.

        I think another way is to directly go to the URL . This should work because everyone should be on the jacobs-users list.

        1. Glad it worked out! (smile) Though, students are not member of jacobs-users, they would use jacobs-students-announce for this purpose. Thanks for your feedback! (thumbs up)

  2. I cannot open the URL . It only leads to an "Error 403" page. Any ideas?

    1. AFAIK, after the (not-so-recent) spam wave, access to the mailman interface was restricted to being on campus, or inside the VPN. You should be able access the page via the VPN service reachable at


      Disclaimer: I'm not IRC-IT, just a student who was once responsible for maintaining the college mailing lists, so I am familiar with the mailing list interface.