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Logging in to the mailing list server to configure email list options requires a password. Each user has a different password per mailing list.

To know your password for a particular mailing list:

  • Browse to the list of Jacobs University mailing lists.
  • Pick the mailing list you want to configure, and which you are subscribed to (e.g., jacobs-talk), and click on the link.
  • At the bottom of the info-page, click on the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button.
  • On the resulting "member options login page" page, enter your Jacobs University Email address (including the "" part), scroll down to the "Password reminder" section, and click on the "Remind" button.
  • The page reappears, with the message "A reminder of your password has been emailed to you." at the top.

Wait for the email to appear in the inbox of your Jacobs University Email account as entered above. You might immediately want to login on the current mailing list web page with the password you just received. The email also provides a link to the page.

(warning) If you are not member of the particular list you are using for your password reminder, the same success message appears. This is for security reasons, not to provide an easy way for outsiders to check, on which mailing lists people are subscribed to. You will not receive an email.

(plus) If you would like to know, which lists you are subscribed to, see How to know which mailing lists you are subscribed to.

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