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Jacobs University has to buy it's telephone devices form the vendor of the telephony system, Siemens.

(warning) It is not possible to attach any arbitrary telephone to Jacobs University's telephony system. Please refrain from doing so, you might damage the system.

The cost center requiring the telephone device will be charged with the cost for the device.

(info) The telephone has still to be installed by IRC-IT, as the central telephony system has to be configured for your type of device.


Use the Telephony Device List to choose the device you require, and the price for it. Also mind to add the required cable to connect it.

(tick) Please stay coherent with the established installation.

Fill a Purchase Request with the information derived above, have it signed by the person in charge of the cost centre to be charged (usually the Dean) and send it to Purchasing department as usual.

(info) Allow for up to eight weeks from submitting your purchase request until delivery, depending on what you request.

Upon delivery of the telephone to Jacobs University, IRC-IT Service Desk for Faculty and Staff will contact you to negotiate a date for connecting and configuring it.