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With the replacement of the old Konica network printers with new ones, there is are huge improvements in operating the printer and how to print with Qpilot.

The new printers have larger touch panels and faster network connections.


The printer panel has a clean look now and makes it easier to navigate to the desired function.


With the new and direct connection to Qpilot you can now see all your print jobs on the printer panel, even already printed jobs.


Furthermore you can now choose multiple or all jobs at once for print out. Just tap your job(s) on the printer panel to mark them for print out.


Also it is possible to print jobs again, even if you already printed them out.


You can see which print job will be or was printed in color.


With the improved copy menue you have all common functions on one screen, even duplex and staple.


The same applies for the scan settings menu.


If you simply want to scan with default values, it can now be done with just three clicks. Choose Scan, tab scan4me and push the start button.

After the scan finished, wait for the upload to complete before removing your CampusCard.

You'll receive an email with a download link for the scanned document. The scanned documents are available for three days, then they are deleted on the server.

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  1. It would be nice to have a "tutorial" how to get the new printers to work for LInux and Mac. Many people seem to suffer from the lack of this information.

  2. Hello, I'd like to know how to operate the scanners for multi-page books, i.e. scan one page, turn it, scan next page and so on which then end up in a single PDF? As far as I know, this used to work with the old printers.

    1. After you selected "Scan4Me", there is a button at the bottom of the touch screen for "Scan Setting" . Touch it, then in the options slider (swipe it!), look for "Separate Scan", switch it on. It's in the A) section of the option slider, you can see it on one of the screen shots on this wiki page.

      1. Thanks, that's good to know. I saw the option, but it sounded to me like something completely different (maybe like "create a separate PDF for each page even if I scan a stack of paper through the feeder").

        As a feedback on the new interface, for me it seems rather a step back than forward. I wonder why companies can survive who design interfaces like this, from the looks as well as the usability...

        1. >  "create a separate PDF for each page even if I scan a stack of paper through the feeder").

          IIRC, that's the "Compact PDF" option switched to single-page PDF or somesuch.

          > I wonder why companies can survive who design interfaces like this,

          I imagine, swiping is all the rage, because the $$$ company does it... and probably the competition does it, too... :-/

  3. Scanning seems to be down: is not reachable... Is this a general problem or only particular to me atm ?

    1. Nvm, error only on my side. Played around with DNS settings for an experiment and forgot about it. Cheers

    2. Just tested without problem. I can see that you successfully scanned several times in the past 15 minutes.