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In case the Jacobs Email account is to be removed from the email client configuration, here is the documentation how to achieve that.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 English

Click Path

  • close MS Outlook 2003
  • select "Start Menu" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel" -> "Mail"
  • select "E-mail Accounts..."
  • if not already selected, click "View or change existing e-mail accounts"
  • click "Next >"
  • in the list of email accounts, select the one you want to remove. As this is a client-side configuration entry, there is no unique name to look for. It will read something like "Jacobs Email" or "", or something similar; depending on how Outlook was configured, the "Type" of the account to remove is either "POP/SMTP" or "IMAP/SMPT" or "Exchange"! If in doubt, select the entry, click "Change" and verify, that it is the connection you want to remove.
  • click "Remove"
  • in the safety pop-up window, click "Yes"
  • click "Finish"


See this screencast for a demonstration: