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Jacobs University employs a Office 365 for providing Jacobs Email. The server supports push email services, as well as contacts and calendar synchronization. This makes it easy and convenient to update mobile devices with server-side data, esp. emails, contacts, and calendar entries.

Remarks and Hints

(Minus) "Mail for Exchange" on a client device (i.e., mobile phone) only allows to synchronize with a single Exchange server account. You can not configure synchronization with Jacobs Email and other service providers employing the same Microsoft technology (e.g., Google Mail) at the same time.

(Haken) the on-screen messages thoroughly and check all synchronization options before starting full synchronization!

(Plus) You can determine, which service(s), email, calendar, contacts, tasks, you will synchronize between Jacobs Email server and your device, though this might be limited by the device and it's software.

Configuration Data

You'll need your JACOBS account and Jacobs Email data to configure the service on your device. Summary:

Email (there IS a dot in your email address)


free text, e.g. jacobs-university


your JACOBS account, i.e. (there is NO dot in your username)


the CampusNet password

Server Name


Secure Connection


Port Number

Standard (i.e., 443)

Connection Method

"Mail for Exchange"

(Info) Different devices ask different subsets of the configuration data. Use those which are applicable.


Follow the Apple guide using the configuration information as given above.

Especially, at "Settings", "Passwords & Accounts", "Add Accounts", select "Exchange" , enter "Email Adress" , Description e.g. "Jacobs", Next and then press "Configure Manually". Enter your Campusnet Password and click on "Next". Enter Server "". Username is your campusnet Account with Click on "Next".

The resulting settings screen on iPhone and iPad looks like this:


Basically the same as for iPhone/iPad. Upon setting up the account, make sure to select "setup manually", then fill the data as requested and listed here.