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See for mailing lists at Jacobs University.

To access the subscription screen for a list, click on the mailing list entry.

Example: the mailing list of the Rowing Club is "club-rowing", hence the web page to browse to is

A page will be displayed which contains more details about the list. If you want to subscribe, enter your email address on the page, and, optionally, provide a password. If you don't provide a password, one will get generated and sent to you.

Depending on the configuration of the mailing list, you might get an automated response, requiring you to validate your request, thus preventing a third party from subscribing you onto a mailing list. Also, depending on configuration of the mailing list, a moderator's approval might be needed for you to join the list. Allow for some time to process your request.

Again, depending on the configuration of the mailing list, you are required to use an Jacobs University email address to subscribe. If you don't, your request is immediately rejected at the web page.