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Start Windows Explorer

Use the mapped network drive FileShare (J:) if you use a domain connected computer and browse to the Stata folder (Software > Public > Stata).
If you do not use a domain connected computer than type \\\fileshare\software\public\stata in the adressbar of your windows explorer.

Copy the Shortcut Stata11 to your desktop. Then start Stata by double clicking on the shortcut.

If you get an Open File - Security Warning click on Run

Stata11 opens and you can start working with Stata.

Installing OpenMP DLLs on workstations
When accessing Stata/MP on the server from a workstation, you might receive one of the following errors:

The application failed to initialize properly. Click on OK to terminate the application.
This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.
These errors happen because Stata/MP requires a system DLL that may not exist on the workstation. In this case, you need to run the vcredist_x86.exe located on the network drive winmpdll/ directory on the workstation that you want to access Stata/MP.

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