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Not available at Jacobs University

There is no T-Mobile WLAN HotSpot at Jacobs University. This procedure will not work on Jacobs University premises. T-Mobile WLAN HotSpot is not a service of Jacobs University or IRC-IT.

Access to T-Mobile WLAN HotSpot is not supported by IRC-IT. The Deutsche Telekom HotSpot Service line is +49 1803 502000.

At Jacobs University, you can use WiFi/WLAN Access.

Table of Content

Finding a HotSpot area

Check your intended surfing location at the T-Mobile hotspot locator.

Make sure, you are in a hotspot area by either looking out for the logo (red dot with a red circle around it) or ask someone around who should know.

Configuring the Hardware

Remove all unnecessary communication cards from the laptop (i.e., GPRS/UMTS cards, bluetooth connectors, ...) to reduce the chance of failure.


Depending on the laptop type, this would either be a small slider, probably at the side or back, or a softkey combination, e.g. Fn-F2. Look out for an icon resembling a radio tower with emitting waves.

Selecting the Network

A notice window will pop up at the taskbar area telling that wireless LAN(s) is/are available. If not connected by default, open the installed WLAN manager software (typically by double-clicking the WLAN taskbar icon), scan for networks, and connect (typically by double-clicking) to the network "T-Mobile_T-Com".

After a few seconds, the network will be connected.

Logging in to the Network

Open up a browser and enter just any valid URL, e.g. You'll be redirected to the T-Mobile WLAN HotSpot landing page (only available from the HotSpot network).

There, either enter your "web'n'walk" credentials, or use the credit card login.

After successful authentication, you'll receive a welcome screen showing the online time.


Helpful links and information might be found at

VPN Connection to Jacobs University

VPN Access to Jacobs University will work across T-Mobile WLAN HotSpot, but requires to modify the connection settings to use transport tunneling over UDP instead of TCP/port 10000.

Logging Out

Browse back to the landing page at, and klick "Ausloggen" to end your session.

(warning) Simply pulling the network card/switching it off will not suffice!


  • International roaming is also available with T-Mobile WLAN HotSpots. Check the provider list on the landing page.
  • The account domain for login is If in doubt, consult the help screen. Jacobs University accounts are not valid at T-Mobile!
  • Test VPN access BEFORE leaving Jacobs University. Remote troubleshooting is near impossible.
  • Be sure to have all required credentials before you leave. This includes your Windows domain login, your web'n'walk username and password or your credit card details, perhaps your teamwork login, your CampusNet login (which is the same as the teamwork login), perhaps your Jacobs University Email username and password. Make sure all those work before you leave. Resetting passwords over the phone is not possible.
  • If you receive the message, that login is not possible for technical reasons, the most likely cause is, that you didn't properly disconnect before trying to login again. Wait at least 15 minutes and try again.


In case of problems, the HotSpot Service of Deutsche Telekom should be contacted. The number is +49 1803 502000.