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Moodle is being introduced as a learning management system. Moodle includes course forums with enhanced features. Please consider using Moodle in the future for course management. See Moodle Infos for details.

teamwork can be used as a course forum, and more, for mutual exchange within a course.

Course Space

To create a course space:

To use the course space:

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  1. Setting up a course forum space in confluence has many advantages over the old forum systems. The main advantage is that you are in control! - !ou define who has access and you define the interactivity.

    In June, July and in August I will be offering live demonstrations of how you can set up a course forum for yourself. And then delete it just as easily the following academic year!

    Please keep an eye on your mails for more information as to time and place.

    Warren Laine

    1. Wonderful!

      Work is in progress to automagically provide spaces for courses starting next semester.

  2. Does this mean that the old forums as they were (including the non-course forum part) are now unavailable (since the link from the services section now points to Teamwork)?

    If so I have a number of objections to that... (will elaborate once I get an answer to the above).

    1. Depends on what you mean by "unavailable". The old forums (rather, a substitute thereof) will be there for a transition period to get old content out of it, if needed. The old forums will not be available to be used as course (or any other) forums again.

      1. Let me add, that the contents of the old forum will be available read only. The length of the transistion period is in discussion. But the state will be READ ONLY.

        1. Well, that's what I mean by unavailable – setting them to any state that does not allow new threads etc to be added.

          Apart from the function as course forums, the discussion forums (or whatever you want to call them) served as a place where students could discuss things OTHER than academics, and that helped quite a few issues be resolved – as an example – that's how prospective students got in contact with current students, and set up meetings during the summer, or/and discussed how to get to Bremen in the most efficient way, people put things on sale etc., etc. Now that those forums are gone, that will no longer be possible.

          Apart from this, what I would find really useful is the merge of Teamwork and Campusweb – now that would increase productivity on the student side (pretty sure that similar results can be expected in the other bodies connected with the university). What I mean by merge is a platform similar to uPortal which is in use in quite a few universities.

          1. Thanks for the feedback.

            Exchange with incoming students is still possible, and has in fact been done successfully in the past by the registrars office, by setting up discussion spaces as required (per user group, per topic - your choice), and enable anonymous posting.

            We investigated on uPortal some time ago (2 years?) and rejected it due to its complicated nature and indifferent development stage requiring high involvement to get it up and running. Also, CampusNet currently is quite a closed system and wont easily be integrated with anything.

            On the bright side... CampusNet is developed towards Microsoft technologies, including having courses as calendar entries in an Exchange server, and distributing course content via a Sharepoint portal. Not ready "yet", but will be "some day".

            I am happy that you note the integration of teamwork and campusnet. Note that there is a SharePoint - Confluence connector, which allows to integrate content of both systems seamlessly.

            See Project IT Infrastructure Development (PITID) approved for the IT/portal future at Jacobs.

            1. Sounds good, although I would be much happier if it was not Microsoft Technology but plain open source. However, this really is exciting news, if/when you manage to integrate campusweb and teamwork under one common portal that is more user friendly and web compliant. Also, having an exchange server run on campus will make lookup and management of schedules much better esp. if students are included in it – now that I will call a big step in the right direction (smile). Thank you for the work towards all those goals, I sincerely hope you manage to put them to work soon (smile)

              1. Thanks for the positive feedback!

                1. I remember I saw an email sometime ago that there would be an archive for the old course forums set up some where. After Googling this, I got the link but I was nto able to log in, neither with my Campus Net ID nor with my mail2web ID. How is this supposed to work? Is it even working?

                  Thanks in advance.


                  1. For the forum archive you need the old forum password.

  3. Is it possible to define how attachments are sorted by default?

      1. Great, thank you! This link is a very helpful complement to the the notation guide.