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This teamwork system supports social/semantic/web2.0 bookmarking, i.e. sharing a list of web links, and add additional information.

How to use

Get the bookmarklet

To add the bookmarklet to your browser, visit any teamwork space, click on Browse Space, then Bookmarks. On the right hand side, you'll see:

Drag the link and drop it into your browser bookmarks. Voilà!

Bookmark away

To bookmark a page in teamwork, just click the bookmarklet in your browser bookmark list while on the page to remember.

You'll get a page where you can add comments.

The page title is already filled from the page.

The comment field will be filled with text from the clipboard.
(lightbulb) Hint: copy relevant text from the page describing itself before bookmarking it: you'll save describing it.

Tags/Labels can be added as desired.

Make bookmarks visible

The command to display bookmarks on a page is {bookmarks}. Check the Notation Help while editing a page for full list of options.

Use them

Others can see, follow, comment, tag, edit the bookmarks (if they have the permission to do so) to share knowledge and achieve a collaborative result.

(lightbulb) All bookmark lists also come with a pre-defined RSS feed, which you can subscribe in your feed reader. This is a great way to stay up to date with what your colleagues are finding on the 'net!


A simple example can be seen here: Bookmarks


To get the bookmarklet, see here:

The vendor documentation for the {bookmarks} command is at

Full documentation is here:

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  1. Sounds good (smile)
    But I have a problem:

    Using the "Bookmark in Confluence Link" as described it works in the way that when selecting this bookmarklet during surfing a window opens where I then can safe this bookmark to teamwork. However, I cannot select my own teamwork space but only 6 or 7 different ones.

    When I use the "Add Bookmark" link on my own teamwork space instead I can add to my bookmarks but the respective window does not contain the predefined information about title, link, etc.

    Is there anything I have to add to the original link like space='mybookmarkspace'? And how to add it?

    (I am using Opera and I saved the link as "normal" bookmark)

    Best, Ben

    1. cannot select: just a guess, but maybe you were not logged in to teamwork at that time? Or don't have permissions to create a page in the aspired target space?

      does not contain: hm, I don't know. Do you have JavaScript enabled? It probably is required. Looking at the bookmarklet code I see basically only JavaScript. From my experience with other such tools, it is often required to enable JavaScript on the site you are going to bookmark, instead of "only" teamwork.

      Opera: did you try using MSIE or Mozilla just to compare what is going on?

      Also I do not know, if there is a difference between Saving the Link as a bookmark, or drag-and-dropping it.

  2. Hey, now after logout/login it works (both Opera and Mozilla). Without any further change. Probably it was an issue of cache/cookies which had to be cleared.