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Open the printer dialog from within the application you want to print from (e.g. Word 2010) and choose QPilot-Drucker (QPilot-Printer)

Open the printer properties

Make sure that A4 is selected and choose Black and White or Auto for colour printing.

After sending the document to the printer (e.g. after clicking on Print) the QPilot window pops up and you need to enter your cashcard number. Additionally you can also change the Job name

You can open the QPilot job list by right clicking on the tray icon and then click on Print job list.

To see the print jobs for your cashcard you must enter your cashcard number

Here you can see pending and finished print jobs in your print queue

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  1. Unfortunately, for me printing takes a lot of time. After I input the card number, for a 1.5MB file, it takes around 5-10 minutes to send it to the printer (time in which the loading bar at the bottom spins). It seems to be in some sort of wait mode because 1 minute before the job is submitted, the CPU usage goes nuts and the temperature of my CPU rises by 10*, decreasing also after the job is submitted.

    Is this something normal and if not, can I help you inspect it?




    1. A 94 pages 2.89 MB file took me 22 seconds on a ~4 yrs old laptop.

      Please contact IT support to investigate, esp. including what operating system you use, how and where you are connected to our network and if possible the document you are trying to print.

      1. Thanks for the information.


  2. As a Mac-User I had troubles finding the option "duplex". Is it not possible to print double-page with QPilot for Mac?
    Thank you!


    1.  It is most probably named "Print Type" with the options "1 Sided" and "2 Sided".

      IIRC "2 Sided" is the default mode for our provided printer setup (PPD file).

  3. Is it possible to print in color? Everytime I print using the public computers in the IRC it comes out in black&white even though I  chose "color" in QPilot.

    1. Not too sure about this, but AFAIK you need to set color in the print driver dialog before selecting Qpilot as destination as well.

  4. After sending the document to the printer, I am not getting the QPilot window pop up for entering my card no. Please suggest how to rectify this.....