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Each user is represented on IT systems by an account. Within the JACOBS domain, a user is represented by a JACOBS user account ("JACOBS account" for short).

Account Provisioning

A JACOBS user account in the JACOBS domain is created and maintained AUTOMATICALLY from CampusNet data.

Every member of Jacobs university with a CampusNet account (and at least one non-Guest actor type, and has to be active) automatically has a JACOBS user account.

The CampusNet username is also the JACOBS user account username.
The CampusNet password is also the JACOBS user account password.

(lightbulb) If you don't know your CampusNet data, see campusnetpublic.

Changes in CampusNet affecting account data, esp. renaming, changing password, and changing email address (see Jacobs Email), will also effect the JACOBS user account and various services depending on that (incl. Jacobs Email, the home drive, file server access, etc.).

CampusNet accounts are managed by the CampusNet team, see campusnetpublic.

Password Change

To change the password for a JACOBS user account, please see How to change your password

(grey lightbulb) IRC-IT can not rename accounts or change the email address. Please contact the CampusNet team.

Password requirements

The following rules are mandatory:

  • Each password must consist of at least * (eight) characters
  • Each password must not be longer than 20 (twenty) characters
  • At least one character must be contained from at least three of the four character categories "capital letter", "small letter", "digits" and "special characters"
  • Please note capital and small letters are different characters.
  • The password must not contain the user's given name or family name


To use an account on an IT systems, two credentials have to be presented to a computer:

If the user presents these credentials to a computer (i.e., upon login), the user is identified (the computer "knows" who the current user is) and authenticated (the user proved to be himself by giving something only he/she knows).

Using this account a session is started. The session lasts, until the user logs out of the computer. During the session the user's account is used to grant access to resources.

(thumbs up) See How to login with the JACOBS domain account for a more hands-on description of logging in.

Resource Access

Upon access to resources during a session, e.g. Jacobs Email or file services or VPN, the accessed resource checks, if the account is authorized to use that specific resource.

Usually, access to resources is based on JACOBS security groups: a group is authorized to use the resource, then JACOBS user accounts are added to the group.

Hence, if a user account is added to a security group, which is authorized to access that resource, the attempted access is granted by the resource.

Additional Information

  • Using a Jacobs IT resource only requires to present a JACOBS user account. It is not necessary, to also use a JACOBS computer account. Read: printing and file server access is also possible from a non-JACOBS computer, as long as the JACOBS user account is used to access the resource in question.
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