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If you have access to many spaces in Confluence, the flat list of spaces on the

can get quite long and confusing.

There are several ways to keep the list of spaces organized, though...


Use the Favourite mechanism to collect the most important spaces for your daily business, and work with the "My" tab. This is decribed in more detail in 330. Favourite Spaces.

Team Labels

Administrators can add team labels to the spaces they manage. This is done in the "Browse Space > Space Admin > Edit Space Labels" dialog, on the "Team Labels" section on the right.

Existing and new labels can be attached to a space to define a "Team". After attaching a team label to at least one space, that team appears in the list of teams on the "Team" tab on the


Selecting the "Team" tab on the

, then one of the teams in the list, results in a list of spaces comprising of the spaces of that team only.

(plus) Each space can have several team labels attached, so can be part of several teams.

(minus) With a growing number of teams and team labels, the list of teams itself will also get quite long.

Private Navigation Space

There is always the option to create your own page(s) collecting and referencing what is important for your.

Create a personal space, then start editing pages to your liking, with appropriate links to other content. You might also add content syndicators to these pages to stay tuned with the news relevant for you.

(info) If you set the home page of your personal space as the first page to display after logging in to Confluence, you have created your very own and personal information portal!

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