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One often wants to send links into the Confluence system via email or by putting them on other web pages.

Wrong Way

Don't use browser URL

Do not copy and paste the URL as shown by the browser!

There are two reasons not to copy and paste the URL:

  • If the page is renamed, the URL changes, and the link breaks.
  • URLs don't travel over email well, they usually get reformatted and won't work at the recipient.

Right Way

Instead, if you want to send the URL to a Confluence page,

  1. View the page
  2. Click on Page Operations
  3. Click on Info

Use the URL given after Tiny Link: (useful for email) to copy and paste into your email program.


Instead of sending the link to the VPN Access page via email as

instead you can send

(info) Note the different approach for Links within Confluence to Pages!

(lightbulb) You can shorten this link by removing the parts from colon until confluence to: