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Links from Confluence pages to other Confluence pages are the "bread and butter" of a wiki, as this teamwork system is.

Wrong Way

Don't use browser URL

Do not copy and paste the URL as shown by the browser!

There are several reasons not to copy and paste the URL:

  • No chance of automatic renaming.
  • No tracking of referrers (it is often helpful to know, which pages point to a certain page).
  • If the address of the system or the link changes, the link will break.
  • If the page is removed and a new page with the same name recreated, the URL changes, and the link breaks.

Right Way

Using the right way allows various nifty features:

  • Upon renaming or even moving the destination page, all referring pages are automatically changed to the new name. Wow!
  • Destination pages have a list of referrers, making it easy to navigate content (and allowing previously mentioned rewriting of pages).
  • Writing new text is easier, because it doesn't require adding the URL: the name of the page is usually text enough.

(thumbs up) Knowing the destination page name is easy: it's the page title.

(tick) Or even easier: you can use the "Insert Link" button above the textbox, therein the "Search" options to search for and insert the page link:


Example: instead of writing

More on [VPN access|] from IRC-IT. 


More on [ircit:VPN access] from IRC-IT. 

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